All things are possible!

I was a very busy week last week! I had Tuggie United Under 11’s football training, I had training for Under 12’s Regional ACT School Sports, I had my Saturday game and scored the most awesome goal out of full back, and the on Sunday….. I went for my first tandem bike ride with Mum’s friend Michael.  We did about a five km ride around the lake, it was so cool! I didn’t know how was going to go at first I haven’t ridden my bike much since I started having big problems with my vision. but that didn’t matter cause Michael has two good eyes and I have two good legs (Michael only has one!). Michael does all sorts of sports but he like doing cycling and triathlons the best. He said that when I do my next triathlon that he could help me with a a tandem bike, and I didn’t even know it but did you know that some athletes are allowed to be guided when they swim and run? How cool is that. I don’t think that would work in soccer though, I think I would move to fast for a guide and anyway how could I slide in to tackle if a guide was attached to me. Very funny. Anyway I think it is cool the way that lots of people can find different ways of doing things, but it is still hard sometimes when your a kid because other kids think your weird. I just want to be a normal kid doing normal kid stuff.Image


2 thoughts on “All things are possible!

  1. My goodness Claire, you did have quite a busy and might I say amazing week. I love hearing all about your adventures!

  2. I recently spent some time with Claire, she is my nieces daughter, in the evening after soccer practice we were sitting on the couch and Claire brought out her knitting needles and wool and wanted to start knitting a scarf. One of the other kids said, but Claire won’t be able to see the stitches. Once the stitches were cast on Claire managed to knit very capably, as you can knit “by feel” you don’t have to have perfect eyesight. Another achieve
    ment for Claire on her new journey

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