My very AWESOME day with the MATILDA’S women’s football team.

ImageToday I met some very special women. The Matilda’s! On Friday last week, I was at the ACT school sports soccer day representing Tuggeranong region. Mum had a phone call and Sigourney from Capital Football told me that I had been invited to go into the Matilda’s training camp! I couldn’t believe it. Today was the day, when we driving the very long drive from our house, I had know idea what to expect except that I knew I had been asked to make sure I had my football boots and audible ball ready to go. It was pouring rain and when we got there I was a bit worried. The weather was so bad I couldnt see very well, so I had to use my Dexter (my cane) to help me find my way. I got there and met all the girls and Hesterine (the coach)!! they were so cool, and very welcoming. Emily Van Egmond was there to hang out with me and take care of me for the morning. She taught me so many new cool things. We did a warmup and lots of core exercises, it was hard but I did just as much as the girls did 🙂 We also did some ball skills drills. The girls said they really liked my audible ball. We also played some two on two and then Hesterine said I could go in and tackle the ball. That was something I had been waiting to do!! In two on two I think I scored three times against the girls 🙂 That was way cool! AFter most of the training was done I asked Hesterine if she could please teach me how to do a proper header. She did! I am still amazed that she took the time for me. After all I am just a little kid. I think that there is always a positive thing that can come out a negative thing. And lets face it losing your vision is not so positive 😦 but you know what if I can find a way to be the best me and the Matildas can find a way to be the best Matildas and Hesterine can find a way to be the best Hesterine, so can you!!

Claire 🙂

PS lots more happened today, but I will save that for another day.



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