What a day! Inspirational?

Wow what a day yesterday was. I wasn’t thinking I would have anything to blog about for a few days! I thought all that was going to happen yesterday was that I would be doing cane training.

Well yesterday Mum asked me what I was up to before the Matilda’s game on the 16th June. I said probably just having a sleep in and relaxing. Then said that she was asked yesterday if I would like to be the team mascot for the Matilda’s and escort the team out onto the field for game day!! Holy Cow! I thought she was kidding but no she was for real!  And then today there was another story by Capital Football.

I am still amazed that people are interested in me, after all, I am just a kid. I didn’t really think that adults listened to kids, boy was wrong!

I have been meeting some very cool people lately, I even met Sally Shipard yesterday. The best part about meeting the new friends that I have over the last few weeks is that they treat me as part of a team, they treat me like I am normal. I love it because thats how I want to be treated 🙂

Some people are calling me inspirational and amazing  although I dont really understand why they think that.

Mum is always saying to us kids “actions have consequences, sometimes good and sometimes bad” she is always saying that if we “lead by example others will follow us”.

Mum’s say all sorts of stuff all the time, but I think I agree with her on that one and I am just really glad that for what ever reason people think I am inspirational, it means that I can help others by my example.

Claire 🙂


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