A Rollercoaster week!

I know I haven’t written anything for a little while but wow what a week it has been! Weeks like this can be really really hard sometimes. This week I have been happy and laughing, then tired and grumpy, then excited and happy and then all the back to being frustrated and sad and worried all at once. It is game day week for the Matilda’s which is way cool. I cant wait to be part of the team again and walk out on that field. I am nervous about it too though because the weather isn’t looking great and its a different place altogether, and I am wondering how I will go being able to make sure that I can see enough to stand where I need too and do the right thing and make everybody proud. I dont want to have to use my cane in front of that many people cause I don’t want to be the “poor kid with the cane”. Some days I just don’t know how to do all this stuff. I mean a few months ago when all the specialists worked out that I was having vision problems we at least had a plan. I went and had all my assessments and got my vision aids and I could start moving forward in my goals. Now I am not so sure. The past few weeks I have started getting headaches and dizziness again, and this week at school I have been so so tired I have had to have rests at school. We ended up being sent from one specialist to see another and now that one is sending me to Sydney to have some brain and eye tests and scans done because she said my brain has shut off the vision to my left eye. I mean I know something is up because it is very hard to ever see anything on my left side. I walk into things all the time, I dont see stuff on the side I have been falling over things. Grrrr it is really hard and I don’t know why it is happening 😦 I know that we will work stuff out eventually and I know that I have said myself that if your down in the dumps you can always pick yourself up again. But this week my “down in the dumps” feels really big. I am so glad that I have family and friends that love me and care for me. I am glad that I can sit and have cuddles and talk about it and I am really glad that my Mum and Dad and Kel and my Dr’s are honest with me when I have questions. Can you imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have those things?

Claire :/


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