What is it worth?

Yesterday was an awesome day, awesome because the the Matilda’s won their game by a penalty shoot out! Awesome because I met Moya Dodd, Danielle Warby from the Women’s Game, Heather Reid and Sarah Walsh. Awesome because I represented my country as the Matilda’s mascot, awesome because I finally had a kick with my audible ball with Sally Shipard, but most importantly awesome because my family and team mates were there watching on and supporting me 🙂 ImageI am very happy that the Matilda’s won because its not just a win for Australia but it is also a win for girls and proves that girls can be just as good at things as boys. It was a very cool day but it was also very very hard because when I watch sport live or on TV it is hard to see and keep track of the ball. Most people can watch and laugh or talk, but I have to concentrate so hard with my other senses like hearing for example to know what is going on. When a goal is scored I can hear the crowd roar but I get a bit lost in the moment until someone can tell me who it was that actually scored and which team it was. The other frustrating thing is that I have to work out what is worth what! After a big day like yesterday I am not very well and last night I was left feeling very tired and with a very big headache. Today I have been mostly sleeping and resting with a very achy head and eyes, I wish I could be at school today doing sport and art, but I know that I just wouldn’t be able to cope with it. I am not sure how I feel or if there is any point in being angry about it, I guess it is just a part of learning to put up with having a vision impairment. I guess we all have to ask ourselves what is worth it and important to us sometimes? But to be there with the Matilda’s encouraging them yesterday, was to me, super important!

Claire :/


2 thoughts on “What is it worth?

  1. Claire, it was great to meet you yesterday. Rest up and recover today – the Matildas are probably doing the same thing:-) All the best and take care, Moya

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