My list of “One day’s” Goals are important!

One day I will…

  1. Play football with a regular ball and not miss it because of bad vision.
  2. Train with Canberra United
  3. Hopefully meet and train with Nicole Sykes.
  4. Become a voice for other kids that want to play football.
  5. Go to University!
  6. Be able to memorise 3d nets, volume and mass formulas for maths cause I cant see them.
  7. Master working the sound system at school for assemblies.
  8. Be able to assess unfamiliar environments using my other senses.
  9. Cross the road without using my mobility cane.
  10. Go to a Michael Buble concert .
  11. Be able to volley on my right foot more than 3 in a row! grrr
  12. Train with the Australian Blind football team

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