Time to move forward

I have been feeling a bit stuck lately. Stuck in myself, and stuck by myself. It is time to move forward now and become unstuck!

I think Mum was right I needed a break. The thing is though that I don’t want to stop talking or doing, altogether, I want to keep encouraging others because it actually encourages me to stay on track with things.

As some of you know I have had a lot of appointments recently and yes they have been hard work and they have meant I was worried about things. But they needed to happen and I am glad they did because now that I know what is going on it means that I can get onto moving forward.

And even though I don’t know why these things have happened to me I do know what can and can’t be done about them. So… I guess it’s not that important now to know the Why’s, and the What’s but to focus on the How’s.

It was so nice to meet my new Dr, he actually spoke to me about my whole body as well as how I felt about things. I was getting so frustrated with the different tests and Dr’s and organisations looking at me separately, one for my eyes, one for my asthma, one for my headaches etc.  This guy Dr Ian looked at everything together. Before him it kinda felt like we were trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with looking at the picture first. Dr Ian looked at the big picture first worked out where the edges were and how they fit together and then he filled out the middle. For the first time it made sense. He didn’t try to look at everything and find a way to connect it. He just listened to me and Mum and Dad, and then explained things. Nothing was chaotic or complicated, he kept it simple.

So here it is, I am a smaller but mostly healthy kid, I happen to have vision problems, be an asthmatic, and I am a migraine sufferer. There isn’t too much that can be done about any of it other some asthma medication.

So this my plan… I want to try some Vision therapy (it cant hurt right?), and will continue to learn how to adjust to my environment and hope for the best. I will still go to school and try my best, it doesn’t matter what my marks are as long as I do the best that I can. I will play football always (cant wait for Canberra United’s season to start)!! I will continue to want to encourage others to play sport and be the best that they can be. I would really like to work out a way to help and fundraise for Vision Australia, and for others to be included in sport (think I will need help though) and I will continue to smile.


Claire 🙂



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