What do we reflect?

The crest is the highest place on the wave. Waves have a frequency or number that pass a particular point per second. When the wave the length is increases the frequency decreases.

There are 7 types of magnetic waves. These include radio waves, micro waves, infrared waves, visible light, ultra violet light, x-rays and gamma rays.

Most waves are invisible to us. The colours that we can see are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet. Well actually people can see many other different colours those are just some of them. But the reason we can see them is because objects absorb different amounts of light energy. The grass looks green because it absorbs different colours, but we see green because that is what it reflects.

This is part of a speech I gave for my homework at school last week, but it got me thinking…

If the colour we see is the colour we see because it is a reflection of the light absorbed by that particular object, and colour no matter which colour we are talking about is beautiful, imagine what would happen if we as people absorbed as much positive light and energy as we possibly could?

Can you even imagine the beauty that we could then reflect?

I love reflecting good and beautiful things especially when it means someone’s day can be a little bit better.

Claire 🙂


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