I’ve got the FEVER have you??

Slide1You might remember me talking and dropping hints about some awesome news, well guess what I can tell you about now 🙂 I have been busting to do this for months just by the way. But here goes…. In what seems like a really long time ago but was really actually probably only in August of last year (actually that is a long time ago) I sent some emails out about creating event that could raise awareness about what it is like for someone with a disability trying to or wanting to play football. If read back through my blog you will read of frustration around trying to use my ball and stay involved in playing, as well dealing with some the stigma and different responses I was receiving from both adults and kids. I also saw it as an opportunity to help raise some money for Capital Football’s ‘Football Connect’ program 🙂 Well guess what guess what guess what!!! After lots of conversations and planning it is really actually going to happen 🙂

There are heaps of places you can find out more and get a hold of a registration form and check out all of the details https://eyesofadreamer.wordpress.com/events/


you can also join up here https://www.facebook.com/events/449988478456843/

soon we will have poster available to you, and you will also be able to join via http://home.tufc.org.au/


so there will no excuses for not taking part in our first ever….. drum rolllllllll

FEVER 2014 Registration FormSlide1

I am really looking forward to meeting all of you, personally I am super excited to play on a blind football field too 🙂

have and awesome day,

Claire 🙂


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