I’ve got the FEVER have you??

Slide1You might remember me talking and dropping hints about some awesome news, well guess what I can tell you about now 🙂 I have been busting to do this for months just by the way. But here goes…. In what seems like a really long time ago but was really actually probably only in August of last year (actually that is a long time ago) I sent some emails out about creating event that could raise awareness about what it is like for someone with a disability trying to or wanting to play football. If read back through my blog you will read of frustration around trying to use my ball and stay involved in playing, as well dealing with some the stigma and different responses I was receiving from both adults and kids. I also saw it as an opportunity to help raise some money for Capital Football’s ‘Football Connect’ program 🙂 Well guess what guess what guess what!!! After lots of conversations and planning it is really actually going to happen 🙂

There are heaps of places you can find out more and get a hold of a registration form and check out all of the details https://eyesofadreamer.wordpress.com/events/


you can also join up here https://www.facebook.com/events/449988478456843/

soon we will have poster available to you, and you will also be able to join via http://home.tufc.org.au/


so there will no excuses for not taking part in our first ever….. drum rolllllllll

FEVER 2014 Registration FormSlide1

I am really looking forward to meeting all of you, personally I am super excited to play on a blind football field too 🙂

have and awesome day,

Claire 🙂


why are Mum’s ALWAYS right??!!

I know I haven’t blogged for a really long time but the last term at school last year was so so busy! but it was mostly all good. The only way i can get my head around everything that has been happening is to write a list and go from there. My Mum is a list writer maybe I get it from her but if I didn’t have a last last term I don’t think I would have achieved so much! So I am sitting here with my cup of tea and think you should do the same because I think this going to be a really really really long one!

Number 1 on the list is … Capital Football Summer Skills Program

You might have noticed in my last few posts that I was becoming very upset and frustrated with myself and with others about playing football. I know that a lot of the time I say don’t give up, I say never say die, and I say that you can always pick yourself up, but I felt so down about myself and the my vision impairment I was serious;y thinking about not playing football this year. It was more out of frustration than anything because I love it so much and i hate the idea of not being the best i can be in things. One of things I really struggle with and still really struggle with is using my different vision aides. For example its hard to feel comfortable using my audible ball, firstly because of course it rattles and its different, and so people both kids and adults ask questions. Why is it that just because something is different people have to ask questions. and lets say a kids says why do you need that I and tell them that its because I have low vision or a vision impairment, they then still have more questions after that.

My low vision is complicated its a case of being ale to see or not being able to see its a case of my perception being different to others. What am I meant to say? do I  say “Yes yes I can see the ball, I just don’t know how far away it is how fast it is coming towards me oh and happens to look flat.”?

And there is the problem with adults. Adults get so stuck on things. I think adults find it even more difficult to cope with change than kids do. Aren’t adults meant to be better at making things easier for kids? Sometimes I try to get brave and explain to adults when things are tricky to to see, I might explain that a particular pen at school works better or that if I play left back on overcast day its easier verses on a sunny day wing or right back is better because that is when i can take in a wider view of the field, or it could be something as simple as can we use white cones on green turf cause it makes the boundary easier to see. The difference between adults and kids is that with kids you mostly only have to say things once but with adults you have to remind them again and again and again. Why does this have to be so hard, why does it have to be a battle?

Yes I can use a normal ball, yes I can play without white cones, yes of course I can use a regular pen (just don’t ask me to read it back to you) its just that when I do I have to work so much harder than everyone else to achieve the same level of excellence that they do.

This is where Capital football skills training came into things. I was feeling so upset about these challenges that Mum and Kel suggested that I could do the clinic in Term 4 yes to learn new skills and have the training but even more to use the time to work ways to use a regular ball in a different environment with players and coaches I didn’t know.

Basically they threw me in the deep end! Not see me struggle but to help me work out which areas were a struggle and how to get through them. We talk a lot about using the environment around me, about letting my eyes rest, about using my body in different ways, and a lot about slowing down and concentrating on ball control. I didn’t use my audible ball at all, in fact the ball was terrible to try and and see cause it was an awful white and grey colur. the boundary cones were a mix of colours, and we all had white jerseys on. about the easiest thing to see was our bright yellow socks! and each and every week except for maybe one was hot and had a terrible glare coming of the turf. I had lots of weeks when i would fall asleep in the car on the way or just had t lay down afterwards because I was so vision fatigued I couldn’t do anything else, there was even one week where i couldn’t go because i had one my stupid migraines.

And then it happened… one week after training, Mum could see that it had been really really hard, and tried to talk to me to see if she could help with anything. I kinda lost it, I cried and yelled and cried some more, and then she said something really harsh but really true to me.  She said “Claire I love you very much but this rot has to stop now. You have a low vision impairment, it sucks and its shitty (I still cant believe she said that!) you can continue on being angry about it and thinknig you should be able to do things the way everyone else does, or can you can wake up to yourself and work out that you cant.” she also said “that doesn’t mean that you cant do anything and everything that the next person can Claire because you can do anything your heart desires, it simply means that you need to work out how do it differently and still do your best. yes it will mean that you have have to work harder at somethings, or take a little longer but the choice is yours Claire you can do a half arsed job (cant believe she said that either, my Mum was really mad!) doing things the same way others do or you can be incredible by doing it your way!”

I cant ever remember a time where my Mum has spoken to me like that before but after I finished being angry with her cooled of and had a think about it, I know she is right, so this year in 2014, I am going to concentrate on being Claire 🙂

Hopefully I will be able to spend more time filling you in on more of the list over the next few weeks because I have some ver very exciting news!

have a great day,

Claire 🙂


Play by the Rules!

I have been reading, watching the news and hearing, a lot lately about professional sports people and teams that are getting themselves in big of trouble. I don’t really understand how they can though. I play sport, for the most part I play football, but I also participate at school in Cricket, AFL, Rugby, and I do triathlons and running events. But every sport I play, their are rules. So why is it and how is that people are getting themselves into such big trouble? Because they don’t need to be.

I find it frustrating because rules are rules, they are there for a reason no matter what sport you play.

Take football for example, yes sometimes there is a bit of love and shove, but that doesn’t mean we (my team mates and opponents) get up and thump one another, we don’t secretly change the score, and we definitely don’t do drugs to help us play better (we are naturally awesome).

Why? Because it isn’t the right thing to do, and because it’s against the rules. My point is… Keep it simple people.

  • Respect you ref’s, coaches, team mates and opposition
  • Be fair
  • Be forgiving
  • Be a good sport
  • Have fun 🙂

How hard can it be?

Claire 🙂

What do we reflect?

The crest is the highest place on the wave. Waves have a frequency or number that pass a particular point per second. When the wave the length is increases the frequency decreases.

There are 7 types of magnetic waves. These include radio waves, micro waves, infrared waves, visible light, ultra violet light, x-rays and gamma rays.

Most waves are invisible to us. The colours that we can see are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet. Well actually people can see many other different colours those are just some of them. But the reason we can see them is because objects absorb different amounts of light energy. The grass looks green because it absorbs different colours, but we see green because that is what it reflects.

This is part of a speech I gave for my homework at school last week, but it got me thinking…

If the colour we see is the colour we see because it is a reflection of the light absorbed by that particular object, and colour no matter which colour we are talking about is beautiful, imagine what would happen if we as people absorbed as much positive light and energy as we possibly could?

Can you even imagine the beauty that we could then reflect?

I love reflecting good and beautiful things especially when it means someone’s day can be a little bit better.

Claire 🙂

My list of “One day’s” Goals are important!

One day I will…

  1. Play football with a regular ball and not miss it because of bad vision.
  2. Train with Canberra United
  3. Hopefully meet and train with Nicole Sykes.
  4. Become a voice for other kids that want to play football.
  5. Go to University!
  6. Be able to memorise 3d nets, volume and mass formulas for maths cause I cant see them.
  7. Master working the sound system at school for assemblies.
  8. Be able to assess unfamiliar environments using my other senses.
  9. Cross the road without using my mobility cane.
  10. Go to a Michael Buble concert .
  11. Be able to volley on my right foot more than 3 in a row! grrr
  12. Train with the Australian Blind football team

Time to move forward

I have been feeling a bit stuck lately. Stuck in myself, and stuck by myself. It is time to move forward now and become unstuck!

I think Mum was right I needed a break. The thing is though that I don’t want to stop talking or doing, altogether, I want to keep encouraging others because it actually encourages me to stay on track with things.

As some of you know I have had a lot of appointments recently and yes they have been hard work and they have meant I was worried about things. But they needed to happen and I am glad they did because now that I know what is going on it means that I can get onto moving forward.

And even though I don’t know why these things have happened to me I do know what can and can’t be done about them. So… I guess it’s not that important now to know the Why’s, and the What’s but to focus on the How’s.

It was so nice to meet my new Dr, he actually spoke to me about my whole body as well as how I felt about things. I was getting so frustrated with the different tests and Dr’s and organisations looking at me separately, one for my eyes, one for my asthma, one for my headaches etc.  This guy Dr Ian looked at everything together. Before him it kinda felt like we were trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with looking at the picture first. Dr Ian looked at the big picture first worked out where the edges were and how they fit together and then he filled out the middle. For the first time it made sense. He didn’t try to look at everything and find a way to connect it. He just listened to me and Mum and Dad, and then explained things. Nothing was chaotic or complicated, he kept it simple.

So here it is, I am a smaller but mostly healthy kid, I happen to have vision problems, be an asthmatic, and I am a migraine sufferer. There isn’t too much that can be done about any of it other some asthma medication.

So this my plan… I want to try some Vision therapy (it cant hurt right?), and will continue to learn how to adjust to my environment and hope for the best. I will still go to school and try my best, it doesn’t matter what my marks are as long as I do the best that I can. I will play football always (cant wait for Canberra United’s season to start)!! I will continue to want to encourage others to play sport and be the best that they can be. I would really like to work out a way to help and fundraise for Vision Australia, and for others to be included in sport (think I will need help though) and I will continue to smile.


Claire 🙂



Okay so I know it has been a realllllllllllly long time since I have written anything but, Mum said I needed a break from doing things for a little while.

I have to tell you I haven’t been very inspired or inspiring this past few months, I feel like I have fallen from the top of the world straight to the bottom.

here is why…

I am wondering do people get scared when they don’t know what to do, because I think that they either run away and hide from the problem or they kinda ask the right questions but then they don’t really want the answer cause if you give them the honest answer they don’t know what to do next. Why is that? If you don’t know what to say do or say then just say so.

And then of course there are others who want to be there for you when things are good or when they can get something out of it, but the the next minute they just completely dissapear! I don’t understand why that is? Surely you are either someone’s friend and encourager or you are not? Why do people think that they can come and go as they please without worrying about the persons feelings? I hope I don’t ever grow up to be like that.

Maybe people just get so busy doing ‘stuff’ that they forget to slow down and listen? Maybe they forget how to stop long enough to hear what is being said or to see what is in front of them?

I am glad that by having a vision impairment it means that I really do have to stop and think about things, I am glad that it forces me to slow down long enough to have to listen, smell, touch things and concentrate on what I can see.