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My school wrote about me!

“Congratulations to Claire Falls 5N who was mentioned in the Canberra Times last Friday. This excellent article highlights Claire’s incredible courage and determination to continue playing soccer at a competitive level despite her vision impairment. Claire is an integral player for her beloved Tuggeranong Diamonds U/11’s side. Claire is able to play with the aid of a state-of-the-art audible soccer ball. Claire has a very strong and powerful message for others who may be struggling with various challenges and difficulties in life, ”My message to other kids would be that it doesn’t matter if you get down in the dumps, you can always pick yourself up again”. Claire, you are a champion and an inspiration to others.”

I just hope it encourages others.

Claire 🙂


Sight to behold

Sight to behold

I want to spread the news far and wide that there is always a way for you to do things you love if you look hard enough.